About the Journal

Title of Journal: DIET FACTOR (ISSN Online:2789-8105, Print:2789-8091)

Frequency: Quarterly (w.e.f September Issue, 2023)

Affiliated with: Lahore Medical Research Center

Website: (www.lmrc.com.pk)

Published By: CrossLinks International Publishers (CLIP), Lahore, Pakistan

Website: (www.clip.com.pk)

Address: 590-Karim Block, Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan


Journal of Nutritional & Food Sciences (DIET FACTOR) publishes surveillance, epidemiologic, and intervention research that sheds light on i) influences (e.g., familial, environmental) on eating patterns; ii) associations between eating patterns and health, and iii) strategies to improve eating patterns among populations. The journal also welcomes manuscripts reporting on the psychometric properties (e.g., validity, reliability) and feasibility of methods (e.g., for assessing dietary intake) for human nutrition research. In addition, study protocols for controlled trials and cohort studies, with an emphasis on methods for assessing dietary exposures and outcomes as well as intervention components, will be considered.

Mission statement/ Aim and Scope

The aim of the DIET FACTOR (DF) is to offer scientists and researchers an international forum to enables the rapid dissemination of practical and social applications of research at the forefront of food and nutritional sciences as well as interdisciplinary research that spans these two fields. DIET FACTOR (DF) publishes double blind peer-reviewed articles that cover all aspects of food science, including the interface between production agriculture and food, as well as how food science influences health and nutrition. In all cases, the key findings in multidisciplinary articles must address some innovative or controversial practices and points of view of the science of food.

DIET FACTOR (DF) is committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional ethics, accuracy, and quality in all matters related to handling manuscripts and reporting scientific information.

The journal welcomes empirical and applied research, viewpoint papers, conceptual and technical papers, case studies, meta-analysis studies, literature reviews, mini reviews and letter to the editors which take a scientific approach to the following topics: 

Health and Nutrition

  • Dietetics
    • Dietary practices
    • Dietary norms
    • Behaviors to food and nutrition 
    • Healthy eating
  • Community nutrition
  • Obesity and Weight loss
  • Molecular Nutrition
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Metabolic, molecular, and genetic mechanisms of nutrients
  • Disease prevention
  • Nutritional methodologies and modeling
  • Nutritional epidemiology
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Nutrition in different cultural and ethnic groups 
  • Nutrition in life cycle
    • Nutrition during pregnancy, lactation, childhood, and young adult years 
    • Nutrition for adults and older people 
    • Nutrition in the workplace 
    • Nutrients in growth, development, and reproduction
  • Nutrition in medical management
    • Nutrition-related behaviors
    • Nutritional toxicity
    • Nutritional genomics
  • Plant and animal nutrition
  • Diet and Aging and age-related degeneration
  • Nutritional public health initiatives, policies and legislation
  • Clinical and community nutrition and health (including public health and multiple or complex co-morbidities) 
  • Nutritional Science
  • Food Sciences:
    Food Safety and security
  • Analysis of global food supplies
  • Food preservation, storage, and hurdle technology
  • Food toxicology
  • Food processing technologies
  • Handling and packaging of foods
  • Chemistry of food and its biochemical interactions
  • Food microbiology, safety, and risk assessment
  • Biotechnology as it relates to food production and processing
  • Food oral processing, rheology, and other texture related studies
  • Sensory and consumer science
  • Agriculture research on plant production, utilization, biomass, and environment
  • Enology and fermentation technology
  • Food Chemical Engineering and Food Process Engineering

Interdisciplinary Research
The journal welcomes articles that address multiple topics listed above, including but not limited to:

  • Health and nutritional implications of food, functional foods, nutraceuticals, supplements, and meat-producing animals.
  • Food and dietary supplement ingredient regulatory science
  • Commentaries on controversial issues in food science and nutrition
  • Nutrition in lower and middle income countries (incl. comparisons with higher income countries) 
  • Food science and technology, including food processing and microbiological quality
  • Genetically engineered foods 
  • Food safety / quality, including chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of how these aspects effect health or nutritional quality of foodstuffs


Approved by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan for the year 2023-24

Fee & Subscription Charges

Article Processing Fee: NONE

Article Publication Fee (National) Rs 20000 / Article

Article Publication Fee (International ) 200 USD / Article

Printed Version (Selected Articles on Authors Request): Rs 2500/per copy

Annual Subscription for Printed Versions

For Institutes: Rs 20,000/ Annually

Single Copy (Selected Articles): Rs 2500/-

Waiver Policy

If an author has no funds to pay such charges, he may request for full or partial waiver of publication fees. The decision may however vary from case to case.

We do not want charges to prevent the publication of worthy material.


Submission are welcome and may be submitted here editor@dietfactor.com.pk